Earn fixed 85% or flexible 55% APY on your crypto

Earn fixed 85% or flexible 55% APY on your cryptothrough proven high-yield
investment strategies
Earn fixed 85% APY or flexible 55% APY on your crypto
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High yield currency
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Our pool size and weekly portfolio diversification based on coin volatility and market capitalisation allow you to earn higher returns and benefit from your investment
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  • PEPE
  • ETH
  • SFI
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  • DAI
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  • BNB
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Our profitable

Do not bother looking for offers, we do it for you, using high ROI strategies and carefully calculating the risks
Our team achieved 118% of capital gains despite the bearish market *
Doxee Max0% APY
Fixed yield 85% APY with earned funds reinvested and no withdrawal. Your assets work on you and bring easy passive income.
Doxee Flex0% APY
Yield up to 55% APY with unlimited withdrawal of earned funds. Reinvesting is optional but it allows you to get a higher annual return.

Easy to start

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Step 1Make a deposit
Create an account in 1 minute in our user-friendly web app and make a deposit choosing any payment method: fiat money, BTC, LTC, ETH, USDT (TRC20/ERC20), TRX, DOGE directly to our wallet or Wallet Connect.
Step 2Earn returns
Invest in a plan that fits your goals: earn up to 55% APY yield paid daily to your account in USDT or earn fixed 85% APY reinvested for bigger yield. Invest in several contracts and boost your earnings!
Step 3Withdraw daily
Withdraw every 15 minutes in any cryptocurrency. Withdrawal fee is on us, network fee is on you. We do not hide a real yield and do not charge extra fees on holding or withdrawing assets.

A Simple tool
for earning crypto.

The highest fixed returnsWith Doxee, you can make your idle cryptocurrencies work on you.
We offer 2 investment plans with the highest market returns: fixed 85% APY or up to 55% APY with daily payouts directly to your account and withdrawals every 15 min without fees. Increase your crypto earning and get a reliable passive income.
Comprehensive strategiesCrypto investing safely managed by investment professionals.
We distribute your assets between TOP Yield Farming trading pairs of the cryptocurrency market that are used worldwide and have a clear development plan: minimum 40% stablecoins, 40% BTC, TWT, BNB, ETH, 20% other coins. The diversification insures against critical losses and helps to achieve your highest financial goals.
Transparent pricingWe do not hide the real yield and do not charge any additional fees on holding or withdrawing assets.
We give you full control over your funds: You can easily check the account balance, total ROI, withdrawals and detailed weekly reports on investment returns in your account using our Web platform or mobile app.
Security and privacyWe provide safe and transparent investment plans, your assets and data security are top priority to Doxee.
For added security to your account we have 2FA and KYC, so no one can access your data but you. We are committed to maintain confidentiality of your data and we do not pass it to any third parties.


  • IOS app launch.
    So all investors would have our platform handy.
  • Later in Q4 official Doxee NFT airdrop for the existing clients for farming additional bonus% to their contracts in an original P2E game.
  • Mega event coming soon.
    All deposits grant a chance to win the Grand Lottery. Info coming soon...
  • Doxee P2E game launch.
  • The NFTs from the drop would give the access to the game where, the users will have to complete daily/weekly tasks and collect gems that can be further exchanged for the additional % to their active contracts or start a new contract with the higher rates.
  • Launch of Doxee DeFi exchange(DEX) platform.
  • This platform will become another but this time native Doxee financial instrument where the liquidity of the money invested by Doxee clients will be directed. Which, in turn, can significantly increase profits for both Doxee and its clients.
  • Launch of a native token (secured by invested capital in liquidity pools and other DeFi instruments) With the further airdrop to the Doxee(invest) and Doxee(DEX) platform users. This token will allow stakeholders to vote on key DeFi platform changes and development initiatives.

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What is Doxee?

Doxee is a DeFi-driven platform that provides investors all around the world with secure and transparent crypto investment options. Our mission is to deliver enterprise-level ROI to our clients through our managed pool, so that they can enjoy profitable investment opportunities without having to search for them elsewhere. 

Using AI-powered data processing, our market knowledge, and blockchain expertise, we have developed high ROI strategies with automated risk management that have been rigorously tested to deliver impressive returns, even in challenging market conditions. By carefully considering coin utility and market capitalization when selecting assets for our pool, we strive to provide our customers with the best possible terms and returns. 

Our main high-yield investment plans, including a fixed 85%+ APY and a flexible 50%+ APY, are designed to help our customers build their financial wealth with minimal risk by providing them with different investment strategies, transparency, and ease of use.

I'm new to cryptocurrencies/yield farming, is it hard to start investing?

At Doxee, we firmly believe that investment tools must be user-friendly and accessible to a diverse range of individuals, even those with a modest budget. Unfortunately, navigating the vast cryptocurrency market can be a daunting and precarious task, given the multitude of protocols, endless list of coins with questionable value, complex contract terms, and lack of intuitive tools. To address these challenges, we established Doxee. 

Our objective was to streamline the entire investment process while prioritizing essential elements such as: clear conditions, transparent rates and fees, intuitive interface, and responsive support. Our team of investment professionals and software engineers have combined their expertise to create a unique blend of comprehensive strategies and cutting-edge technology. 

We carefully assess risks and farm yield from the most efficient trading pairs, while you can sit back and watch your investments turn a profit regardless of market conditions.

Start earning
How to get started with yield farming?

1. Sign up for an account in our user-friendly web app in just a minute. We'll guide you through the entire process to make it as easy as possible.
2. Use our profitability calculator to choose an investment plan and enter the deposit amount.
3. Not sure which plan to choose? Create a demo investment plan and get familiar with the whole process without any financial risks.
4. Choose a suitable payment method and deposit your crypto using the Doxee wallet, Wallet Connect, or use (MerchantName) to buy crypto for the first time using your bank account.
5. Start earning daily profits!

How is my account protected?

At Doxee, we understand the importance of protecting your digital assets and private data. That's why we have implemented a number of advanced measures to ensure your safety and security, including Two-Factor Authentication and SMS verification to add an extra layer of protection to your account. 

We also have a Disclosure agreement in place to maintain transparency with our clients, and we use Data encryption to protect your sensitive information. Additionally, we conduct regular Security audits to identify and address any potential vulnerabilities. 

Rest assured that we are committed to safeguarding your assets and data, so you can invest with confidence on our platform.

Do I have to pay any fees or encounter hidden costs when investing on Doxee platform?

We strive to make the investment process as transparent and straightforward for our clients as possible, which is why we do not charge any "shady" fees or hidden costs. Depending on service - the only cost involved in investing is the initial deposit made into the account. 

It's important to note that the blockchain may charge a small commission for transaction initiation, which is beyond our control. However, we ensure that our clients are aware of any costs beforehand so they can make informed investment decisions.

Do you have a mobile app?

At the moment, our services are available through our web application and on android devices. Wondering when our IOS app will be released? Visit our road-map and blog pages to learn more about our current development stage, upcoming updates, and our vision for Doxee's future. 

Our team is working diligently to enhance our platform and provide a seamless user experience for desktop, and IOS devices. Stay tuned for exciting developments and new features in the coming months!

Earn a fixed passive income on your crypto

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